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We just started production on a new project, Magic Tree House: Space Mission. Based on the popular children’s book series, MTH is a show that we’ve been showing in analogue form since 2004 at Morehead.

We’re now working with the writer of the show, Will Osborne to convert the show to a digital format, spruce up some of the graphics and update the content so it reflects our current understanding of the Solar System (like reclassifying Pluto as a dwarf planet). The project is due to wrap in early September.

Check out the trailer from Morehead’s first digital fulldome planetarium show – Earth, Moon and Sun. It’s targeted at 3rd graders and tackles their misconceptions about those three solar bodies. We’re planning on distrubuting it in this Spring’s through SkySkan and also traveling it across the state of North Carolina and showing it in a 20ft portable dome.

Earth, Moon and Sun Planetarium Show Trailer from moreheadplanetarium on Vimeo.