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Morehead Production is hiring a Lead Animator

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center is looking to add to our fulldome planetarium show production team. We create films for some of the biggest screens in the world and we’re currently looking for an experienced full production generalist who can do visual effects, 2D/3D animation and has a bit of on-set production experience. We work [more …]

Analog to Digital Art for Fulldome

Working with the artists over at Paperhand Puppet Intervention to create The Longest Night was a real treat. Once we were able to explain the possibilities of using their artwork in a digital realm they started to think and adjust their process for creating easily adaptable painted textures. One asset in particular was a cabin [more …]

The Longest Night: A Winter’s Tale Opens

We finished our latest show “The Longest Night: A Winter’s Tale” in November and it’s now been playing at Morehead for about 2 months. It’s getting a great response from the community. There’s so much demand, in fact, that we’ve had to create extra weekend and weekly showings so we won’t have to turn people [more …]

Behind the Scenes of Solar System Odyssey Part 2 – Fulldome Sound Design

We’ve got one more behind the scenes video to share created by our production intern, Paul Davis. In it, Jay Heinz (that’s me) talks about all things related to audio and sound design used in Solar System Odyssey. I promise none of it is in the 3rd person, either.

Behind the Scenes of Solar System Odyssey Part 1 – Tricks of the Trade

It’s been a while since we’ve updated this blog because we’ve been pretty busy finishing up our latest show, The Longest Night: A Winter’s Tale. More about that in some later posts, but we’ve opened it at Morehead and it’s getting a great response. In the meantime, I just wanted to share a behind the [more …]

Jeepers Creepers wins a Domie at Domefest 2012

Morehead Planetarium & Science Center won our first Domie Award (for Design) last week in Baton Rouge at Domefest 2012 for our short, Jeepers Creepers. Here’s the list of all the finalists: http://www.domefest.org/2012-domie-awards/   Here’s all of the finalists:   DomeFest 2012 from DomeFest on Vimeo.   Thanks to David Beining and everyone else involved [more …]

IPS and Domefest

IPS and Domefest

July 24, 2012 | No Comments

Some of us at Morehead are heading down to Baton Rouge this week for IPS and Domefest and we’ll be up on the big screen a lot. Join us in Sky-Skan’s Zendome (the biggest dome in the dome village) at 3:15 on Wednesday for a screening of Solar System Odyssey. Clips from two of our [more …]

Our Evolution of Storyboarding

When our current team solidified at the very beginning of Morehead Production, we came from very different backgrounds. Jay, a designer and journalist; Pete, a motion graphics and compositor; and myself an animator. The one thing we did all had in common however was we had never done dome work. We have since learned from [more …]

Collaborating with the non-digital

In the first four fulldome shows that Morehead produced, we didn’t have to do much collaboration with outside groups. We’d sometimes contract out a writer or the composer, but for the most part, our productions were created almost completely in-house. That all changed when we met with Donovan Zimmerman from Paperhand Puppet Intervention and decided [more …]

Early Concepts of The Longest Night

Early on in the planning stages of “The Longest Night,” we realized there were going to be some big changes to how we approached production. Typically we work with animated CG characters and environments. We can dictate actions and are in charge of a camera that is essentially unlimited in its range of motion. With this production we [more …]

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