Student Resources

Web sites

Magic School Bus in Space
Take a tour with Ms Frizzle and the Magic School Bus. Students can play a game and take a quiz about space. This site is appropriate for early elementary students.

Astro for Kids
This site, hosted by, is a student-friendly introduction to the Solar System. While the graphics are cartoon-ish, the information contained on the pages for each planet are appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students.

A Virtual Tour of the Universe
Students created this site – an interactive journey in our Universe! This site uses flash animation to simulate a space flight and also features information about each planet.

NASA’s site for students contains a wealth of information. Activities related to our Earth, Astronauts living in space, and rockets and airplanes is included. The opportunity for students to post their own artwork – poems, drawings – is also provided on this site.


How The Universe Works
Authors: Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
Publisher: Reader's Digest Adult, May 1994
ISBN: 089577576X

Our Solar System
Author: Seymour Simon
Publisher: William Morrow, September 1992
ISBN: 0688099920

El Espacio
Authors: Ben Denne, Eileen O’Brien, Andy Burton (Illustrator), Cristina Fernandez, Nick Stellmacher
Publisher: Usborne Pub Ltd, January 2003
ISBN: 0746050690