N.C. Standard Course of Study Correlations

The content in "Sol & Company" is appropriate for pre-kindergarten through second grade students. There are specific N.C. Standard Course of Study goals and objectives that are discussed in "Sol & Company". They include:


  • Science 2.03 - Identify day and night changes.
  • Science 4.04 - Understand the use of tools to extend human capabilities.
  • Math 2.01 - Compare attributes of two objects using appropriate vocabulary (color, weight, height, width, length, texture).
  • Math 2.02 - Recognize concepts of calendar time using appropriate vocabulary (days of week, months of years, seasons).

Grade 1

  • Objective 3.02 - Investigate several ways in which objects can be described, sorted or classified.
  • Objective 4.02 - Observe that movement of an object can be affected by pushing or pulling.

Additional content addressed in “Sol and Company” includes Earth’s Moon, gravity, planets and solar system.