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American Society of Plant Biologists Resource Links

This site provides a comprehensive list of online resources related to plant science for K-12 teachers.

Planting Science

Planting Science provides teachers with research ideas and support for classroom projects involving plants.

Classical Genetics Simulator

Teachers can request a free account at this site which provides online Mendelian genetics simulations for plants and animals including Arabidopsis, which is the plant studied in "Flower Power." Once teachers have an account, they can create a simulation that their students can then view by using a preset username and password.

North Carolina Botanical Garden

The North Carolina Botanical Garden is located on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and offers a variety of educational programs centered on botany, gardening, conservation, and nature study.

Plants in Motion: Flowers

Watch flowering plants bloom in time-lapse QuickTime videos. This site also contains time-lapse videos of germination and general plant growth.

ABCTeach Plant Resources

This site provides links to a variety of plant-related teacher resources including activity ideas, graphic organizers, and word puzzles.

Pollinator Partnership

This site provides regional guides for plant-pollinator pairs for all regions of the United States, including descriptive list of flowering plants that thrive in the region and the key pollinator species for the area.

Help Wanted: Plant Parts Worksheet

This site provides a printable worksheet that presents flower parts as "help wanted" ads; students must identify the flower part based on the advertisement.

Wayne's Word

Wayne's word provides archived articles about noteworthy plants, including many articles on strange or exceptional flowering plants.

Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS)

This website offers a wide variety of plant-related resources for teachers and students at all age levels. Articles and publications, activity suggestions, image databases, plant identification resources, and student support resources are all provided here.


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