Resources for Students

Web sites

Sci4Kids: Plants

At this website from the USDA Agricultural Research Service, students can read entertaining stories about the diverse world of plants.

Biology of Plants

This site provides a kid-friendly introduction to plants, including plant growth, pollination, and plant adaptations.

Biology 4 Kids: Plants

Find out what makes a plant a plant and see a slideshow of plant species at this site designed especially for kids.

Plants in Motion: Flowers

Watch flowering plants bloom in time-lapse QuickTime videos. This site also contains time-lapse videos of germination and general plant growth.

Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS)

This website offers a wide variety of plant-related resources for teachers and students at all age levels. Articles and publications, activity suggestions, image databases, plant identification resources, and student support resources are all provided here.

The Great Plant Escape

In "The Great Plant Escape," a resource from the University of Illinois, students can investigate plant-related mysteries with Detective LePlant through an interactive online simulation. Cases 1, 3, and 4 are particularly relevant to the topics presented in Flower Power. This resource is also available in Spanish and includes a glossary.


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Science 360

Seasonal schedules

MPSC offers seasonal schedules of Science 360 shows to the public. Follow this link to see the current schedule of public shows at MPSC.

Please note that seasonal schedules change four times each year (spring, summer, fall and holiday), and some shows are not offered during every schedule.

School shows

In addition to its public shows, MPSC offers shows during the week especially for school classes and other field trip groups. These school shows do not appear on the seasonal schedule but do appear on MPSC's daily calendar.

If seats are available, the public may purchase tickets to school shows.

However, school groups with reserved seating have first priority on any remaining seats (for example, if extra chaperons attend), so MPSC cannot guarantee that public seats will be available for school shows.