One World, One Sky

Big Bird and Elmo, stars of TV's "Sesame Street," are joined by fuzzy blue Hu Hu Zhu, a new friend from faraway China, for this new adventure! Together, the three characters learn about sunsets and finding starry shapes in the night sky.

Elmo and Hu Hu Zhu even travel to the Moon, where they discover that they can jump high, kick a soccer ball really far and need space helmets to breathe! Back on Earth, these friends realize that they can see the same stars in the night sky from their homes in the United States and in China.

"One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure" is produced by the Sesame Workshop, Adler Planetarium, Beijing Planetarium and Liberty Science Center.

Teachers: This show is available in Spanish for your group trip! Morehead offers two options for this: The show can be presented in Spanish for the entire audience, or Morehead can provide assistive listening devices for a Spanish translation (serving up to 10 students) while the show is presented in English. If you need one of these options for your class, please discuss this with Morehead Guest Relations when you are confirming your field trip reservation. The assistive listening device option is also available for individual guests (not with a field trip group) with advance notice.

Age recommendation

Recommended for children ages 4–6 and their families.

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