Science LIVE! Shows Overview

Science LIVE Shows

Become part of the show at Science LIVE!, Morehead's one-of-a-kind science demonstration shows at the Science Stage. Watch as your show presenter makes science come alive through exciting experiments. Audience participation is encouraged!

Either Science LIVE! Magnificent Matter or Science LIVE! Phenomenal Physics may be presented at show time. Each show is unique, with new "audience assistants" each time. Recommended for ages 5 and older.

Science LIVE! shows are sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline.

Science LIVE! Magnificent Matter
Strange things can happen when you heat, cool, stretch, or mix chemicals and materials. Can a liquid bounce? How does stain resistant clothing work? Explore properties of materials and chemicals through interactive experiments and exciting demonstrations! Audience participation is encouraged! + more info

Science LIVE! Phenomenal Physics
Can you turn a glass of water upside down without the water falling out? Can electricity flow through your body to create a human circuit? Explore the everyday physics of forces, motion, and electricity through interactive experiments and dramatic demonstrations! Audience participation is encouraged! + more info

Seasonal schedules

Visiting soon? Check out Morehead's interactive calendar to see what's happening when you'll be here. Just click the date — the interactive calendar is typically up-to-date within one week of today.

Please note that Morehead does not offer all of its shows every day and that exhibits may be closed for maintenance or for classes during some hours.

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Please note that seasonal schedules change four times each year (spring, summer, fall and holiday), and some shows are not offered during every schedule.

School shows

In addition to its public shows, Morehead offers shows during the week especially for school classes and other field trip groups. These school shows do not appear on the seasonal schedule but do appear on Morehead's daily calendar.

If seats are available, the public may purchase tickets to school shows.

However, school groups with reserved seating have first priority on any remaining seats (for example, if extra chaperons attend), so Morehead cannot guarantee that public seats will be available for school shows.