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Are you curious? Of course you are! From birth, humans are naturally curious about the universe around them. And that’s the basic idea behind Morehead’s programming: create fun, educational programs that help people explore their own natural curiosity.

The centerpiece of Morehead’s programming is its famed planetarium, and that’s where your visit to Morehead should begin. In the 1960s, NASA sent its astronauts here for training in star recognition. Today, you can experience thrilling multimedia shows under the very same dome.

Once your planetarium show is complete, the journey is just beginning. A day at Morehead might include a visit to a fun, interactive exhibit; an exciting live science demonstration; and an engaging, live show about a current science topic.

Curious about our shows and programs? Explore the links at left to learn what’s happening at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center.

Try Science

Can't get enough cool science on the Web? Then you should TryScience., the first worldwide science museum, is a gateway to the excitement and learning experiences offered by science and technology centers worldwide. The Web site contains on and off-line interactive, multimedia activities that will change continually as new experiences and exhibits are created for visitors. In addition, TryScience offers tips to parents and teachers on ways to engage young people in the world of science.

TryScience is powered by Morehead Planetarium and Science Center's friends at IBM.