Wayne Capps

Education: UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2011, Environmental Studies

Hometown: Okinawa, Japan

Experience With Children: 3 Years at Jacksonville Commons Recreation Center, an Internship with Riverworks at Sturgeon City, and this will be 5th year at MAP!

Goals for School Year and Career:TI plan on ROCKING my internship here at Morehead all year long!!! From there I will attend graduate school to seek a Master's Degree in Teaching!!! Then who knows what? Teach, more school, skate, I don't know!!! I also plan to use many more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (starting now!)

Hobbies/ Fun Fact: I recently got engaged to my sweetheart of almost 8 years! In my spare time I am a professional longboarder, editor of a magazine, and host my own very successful longboard blog. I take my dog, Kalypso, on skateboard walks in which she pulls me around town with her little harness on like sled dog, and she LOVES IT!!! When I am not on a skateboard you might find me eating food, walking Kalypso with my lady, climbing rocks and trees, going the quarry, or heading out to the beach!

Why did you want to work at Morehead?: I get this question a lot, and the reason I wanted to work here was because... Way back when, over 4 years ago, I found out that Morehead was starting an eco-friendly science based afterschool program through one my classes and I knew that I HAD to be there! I started as a volunteer and since Carly thought I wasn't half bad at teaching she added me to the staff. Since then I have worked a ton of different programs including the science stage, summer camps, girl scout workshops, birthday parties, middle school science club, and bunch of other odds and ends. However, afterschool was my first program here and remains my favorite! (Don't tell the other programs I said that)

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