Nisa Gabbidon

Nisa G.

Education: Senior, Psychology major

Hometown: Florida

Experience with Children: I have worked at MAP since my freshman year. I have also worked with many summer camps and have worked with Sunday school classes. I also have a lot of experience babysitting my younger family members.

Goals for School Year and Career: I hope to get my Doctorate in psychology and to practice as a school psychologist. I aspire to work with elementary age children in public schools.

Hobbies/Fun Facts: Basketball, football, baking, bike riding, kayaking, hiking, laughing, having fun, people watching

Why did you choose to work at Morehead?: I LOVE kids! I also LOVE science! But it’s mostly the kids. I want to work with elementary age children and thus this is great experience for me. Also, Morehead has a wonderful reputation and provides many opportunities to grow in your field of study, with the kids, and as a person.

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