Wayne Capps

Wayne C.

Education: Environmental Studies Major, Marine Science Minor

Hometown: Jacksonville, NC

Experience With Children: I have worked with summer camp and the afterschool program at the Jacksonville Recreation Center, as well as being a lifeguard. I interned at a river restoration center oriented towards high school environmental education. I worked as a teacher in the Morehead summer camp program and this is my fourth year as a Morehead Afterschool Program educator.

Goals for School Year and Career: I have one course left until I graduate with an environmental studies degree. After graduating, I plan to go to graduate school for education. I will either be an informal science educator for life, or follow my other career goal as a professional longboarder.

Hobbies/ Fun Fact: I love to longboard and founded the club here at UNC. I also enjoy surfing, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, and hanging out with my puppy, Kalypso.

Why did you choose to work at Morehead?: I chose to work at Morehead after coming here as a volunteer. I had always enjoyed working with kids and my time with the afterschool program has actually influenced my career goals. I hope to one day have a teaching degree and to always be an educator that inspires children to love science and learning.

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