Sam Kiefer

Sam K.

Education: Senior, Economics and Archaeology Double Major, German Minor

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Experience With Children: This will be my third year as at Afterschool Educator at Morehead Planetarium and I have loved every minute of it.

Goals for School Year and Career: I can’t believe I have known some of these kids for 3 years – but my goal is to get to know the fantastic new kids we have joining us! My career… will be decided this year and I bet whatever job I end up with will be great (I just have no clue what that job should be ? ). The only thing I do hope for is to move abroad (preferably London).

Hobbies/ Fun Fact: I am an avid crocheter and if I ever feel like giving you a present, it will most likely be handmade socks.

Why did you choose to work at Morehead?: I really chose the afterschool program first and foremost, and the fact that it is held at Morehead and incorporates science is a huge bonus. The Planetarium offers knowledge in a fun way! I love that I learn new things just be working at my job.

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