Andrew Paschal

Andrew P.

Education: Junior, English and Psychology Double Major, Spanish Minor

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Experience with Children: I have done two summers at the Morehead Summer Science Camp, and one semester of the Morehead Afterschool Program. I have also volunteered at an orphanage in Peru!

Goals for School Year and Career: With every school year I find myself delving deeper and deeper into my subjects of studies, and I want this year to be a continuation of that. Now that I am a junior, I'd like to become more focused and specific in my classes than when I was an underclassman, where broader education was the main objective. After college I'd like to enroll in a Masters/PhD program (most likely in English but Psychology is still in the running) and ultimately become a professor.

Hobbies/Fun Facts: I really enjoy collecting vinyl records - owning a CD or an mp3 is never enough!

Why did you choose to work at Morehead?: As a kid, some of my most rewarding experiences combined learning with fun and games, and Morehead embodies a really special synthesis of these two things that I think is really important for kids to have access to. Plus, we have an amazing staff and amazing kids that are tons of fun to work with!

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