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Science 360: Genetic Engineering

Since the early 1970s genetic engineering has become more and more a part of our lives. One of the earliest and most useful applications of this technology was genetically modified bacteria that could produce life-saving insulin for people with diabetes.

Educator Resource Kit

With animations, hands-on activities, and a live facilitator, audience members will learn about the techniques used to make these life-saving bugs possible, along with other ways that we encounter genetic engineering each day. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Science 360: Genetic Engineering is also available for school groups. This program correlates with the NC science content standards for grades 6-8 and high school biology. Please call (919) 962-1236 to schedule a group visit.

Below, Morehead educator Michael Washington presents Science 360: Genetic Engineering on video. For a fully interactive experience, see this show live at MPSC! Click here for the public show schedule.

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Funding for this program is provided by an Educational Enhancement Grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.


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