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Grade 4

Morehead educators have carefully studied the North Carolina Essential Standards. Our educators have also reviewed all of our programming to identify the best correlations between our shows and your curriculum. We’re delighted to say that the new standards offer more reasons than ever for Grade 4 educators to bring their students to Morehead. Based on our review of the standards, we are pleased to make the following recommendations.

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Best Choice Fulldome Planetarium Show

All of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center’s planetarium shows are now presented in stunning high-definition fulldome digital video in the GlaxoSmithKline Fulldome Theater. If you see only one fulldome planetarium show during your visit, we recommend seeing the “best choice” show. The “best choice” show most closely aligns with your grade level’s curriculum objectives.

Earth, Moon and Sun Curriculum Guide NC Essential Standards

Learn why the Sun rises and sets. See how Earth’s rotation and revolution relate to day and night and what we see in the sky. Explore the Moon’s orbit, phases, eclipses and surface features. Then journey to the Moon with the Apollo astronauts. With the help of Coyote, a character adapted from Native American oral traditions, this original Morehead fulldome digital production examines the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun, as well as some of our common misconceptions. Pairs well with the Discovery Class Round and Round We Go.

Additional Great Fulldome Planetarium Show Choices

The following shows are also appropriate for your grade level and complement the “best choice” show.

Carolina Skies: Upper Elementary NC Essential Standards

Explore the mysteries of the heavens, including seasonal bright stars, constellations, planets, the Moon and the Milky Way in this live, presenter-led fulldome digital night sky tour. Students will experience how the motions of Earth and the celestial bodies change what we see in the sky. The new fulldome digital system can also “transport” students off Earth to investigate the Solar System and beyond. Pairs well with the Discovery Class Round and Round We Go.

Astronaut NC Essential Standards

The exploration of space is the greatest endeavor that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? How does the human body respond to the environment of space? What does it take to become an astronaut? Actor Ewan McGregor narrates this exciting fulldome digital presentation. Produced by NSC Creative.

Science LIVE! Programs

Morehead educators present Science LIVE! on the Science Stage and, with advance notice, will tailor presentations to match your group’s grade level and curriculum.

Magnificent Matter NC Essential Standards

Can a liquid be ripped in half? How are fireworks of differing colors made? Strange things can happen in this live presentation as we heat, cool, stretch and mix certain materials and chemicals to discover their properties. You’ve got to see it to believe it. Audience participation is encouraged.

Phenomenal Physics NC Essential Standards

Dramatic demonstrations and interactive experiments play a starring role as we discover the physics of our everyday world. How can a glass of water be turned upside down without the water falling out? Can the human body be used to make an electrical circuit? Audience participation is encouraged as we experiment with forces, motion and electromagnetism. A field trip favorite!

Discovery Classes

Discovery Classes are hands-on, minds-on and designed specifically for your students. These programs add an exciting dimension to your visit.

Round and Round We Go NC Essential Standards

Get ready to move as we explore the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun in this highly interactive and kinesthetic class. Why does the Moon’s shape seem to change? Why do different constellations appear at different times of the year? We’ll answer these questions and more as we “dance the night away.” One of Morehead’s most popular offerings!

Discovering Our State NC Essential Standards

Become a time traveler on this interactive walking tour to explore more than 200 years of North Carolina history, navigating historic sites, cultures and concepts on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, our nation's first public university.

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