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Grade 2

Morehead educators have carefully studied the North Carolina Essential Standards. Our educators have also reviewed all of our programming to identify the best correlations between our shows and your curriculum. Based on this review, we are pleased to make the following recommendations.

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Best Choice Fulldome Planetarium Show

All of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center’s planetarium shows are now presented in stunning high-definition fulldome digital video in the GlaxoSmithKline Fulldome Theater. If you see only one fulldome planetarium show during your visit, we recommend seeing the “best choice” show. The “best choice” show most closely aligns with your grade level’s curriculum objectives.

Magic Tree House® Space Mission NC Essential Standards

Jack and Annie from the best-selling Magic Tree House® children’s book series are your guides in this Morehead-produced fulldome digital program. Join them on a fun-filled journey as they discover the wondrous secrets of the Sun, Moon, planets, space travel and more. Written by Will Osborne, co-author of Space, the nonfiction companion and research guide to the Magic Tree House® book Midnight on the Moon.

Additional Great Fulldome Planetarium Show Choices

The following show is also appropriate for your grade level and complements the “best choice” show.

Earth, Moon and Sun Curriculum Guide NC Essential Standards

Learn why the Sun rises and sets. See how Earth’s rotation and revolution relate to day and night and what we see in the sky. Explore the Moon’s orbit, phases, eclipses and surface features. Then journey to the Moon with the Apollo astronauts. With the help of Coyote, a character adapted from Native American oral traditions, this original Morehead fulldome digital production examines the relationship between Earth, Moon and Sun, as well as some of our common misconceptions.

Science LIVE! Programs

Morehead educators present Science LIVE! on the Science Stage and, with advance notice, will tailor presentations to match your group’s grade level and curriculum.

All Systems Go NC Essential Standards

Why do our hearts beat? How do we get energy? How many cells do our bodies have? What does our skin look like when it's magnified? Come find out in Science LIVE! All Systems Go. This adventure is all about the human body -- lots of systems that work separately and work together, too! We wouldn't be able to function without the systems within our bodies.

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