Resources for Students

Volcanoes Online!
Plate tectonics, the Earth’s interior and volcanoes. What do we know and how do we know it? This site has games, comics, puzzles and animations to help you find out!

Gamma Ray Bursts
This site is rich with animations and information about GRBs. It is also a good link to NASA’s Imagine the Universe Web site, full of news, exhibits and scientists.

Where are the GRBs?
Look for a real time map of current gamma ray bursts.

Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?
Where are the dinosaurs today? You might be surprised by the answer. Follow this Brittanica site to meet paleontologists, link to extinction theories and find out what’s for dinner.

Planet Connect
Find out what other students are doing for the environment. Find grants, awards, green jobs and colleges.


Dinosaurs!: The Biggest Baddest Strangest Fastest.
Author: Howard Zimmerman
Publisher: Antheneum, May 1, 2000.
This book contains over 75 paintings that depict what dinosaurs may have looked like. The differences in the paintings allow the author to focus on the notion that no one knows for sure what the dinosaurs looked like; we only know what can be pieced together from fossils. Details on each dinosaur family such as the period and area in which it lived, eating habits, peculiar attributes, pronunciation guide to all the names and a listing of further references can all be found in this book.

Raptor Red
Author: Robert T. Bakker
Publisher: Bantam
Narrated from the point of view of a dinosaur, paleontologist Bakker’s novel is filled with facts and informed speculations of dinosaur life and romance.