N.C. Standard Course of Study Correlations

6th Grade Science

Competancy Goal 2: The learner will develope an understanding of technological design.

  • Objective 2.01: Explore evidence that "technology" has many definitions: artifact or hardware; methodology or technique; system of production; social-technical system.
  • Objective 2.02: Use information systems to: identify scientific needs, human needs, and problems that are subject to technological solution; locate resources to obtain and test ideas.

Competancy Goal 5: The learner will build an understanding of the solar system.

  • Objective 5.02: Compare and contrast Earth to other planets in terms of: size; composition; relative didtance from the sun; ability to support life.
  • Objective 5.04: Describe space explorations and the understandings gained from them including: NASA; technologies used to explore space; historic timeline; Apollo mission to moon; Space Shuttle; International Space Station; future goals.
  • Objective 5.05: Describe the setting of the solar system in the universe including: galaxy, size, the uniqueness of Earth.
  • Objective 5.06: Analyze the spin-offs generated by space exploration technology including: medical, materials, transportation, processes, future research