What to Expect

Prior to a DREAMS School Visit

The requesting teacher must:

  • Confirm the visit date and visit charge provided from Morehead by e-mail.
  • Prepare an itinerary for the school visit. A maximum of 24 students per lab session, up to three sessions per day, can complete wet-labs aboard the mobile science laboratories. (Adjustments can be made to these classroom numbers if a Morehead educator is making a classroom visit for a module without a bus visit.)
  • Complete the Confirmation Form along with a list of the participating students' names on the Roster Spreadsheet (provided in Morehead e-mail) and email both to the appropriate Morehead staff.
  • Make copies of the Student Lab Agreement and Photo Consent Form, provided in Morehead e-mail.
  • Complete pre-lab activities with students.
  • Discuss safety guidelines that must be followed by students during the wet-lab.
  • Distribute a copy of the Student Lab Agreement and Photo Consent Form to each student. Require that all students and their parents/guardians complete the form. (A witness must also sign the form; you or another adult can be the witness.) Students are required to have parental permission before completing a lab with the Morehead program.
  • Check school forms to see which students can be photographed or filmed by the media. Local media frequently attend DREAMS school visits, and it is useful to know in advance which students should not be photographed or filmed.
  • Notify school administrators and school publications (yearbook, newspaper, etc.) about the DREAMS visit.

What to Expect on the Day of the Visit

  • The mobile science laboratory staff arrives at the school one hour prior to the first scheduled class. The staff prepares the laboratory for 12 lab stations to accommodate 24 students.
  • Plan to meet the staff upon their arrival to confirm the parking location and to pick up items for the visit, as well as receive any instructions for the day's schedule.
  • Prior to beginning the wet-lab, students will put on lab aprons, name tags, safety glasses and protective gloves that are provided by Morehead staff.
  • The teacher is expected to accompany students aboard the laboratory and remain with them during the entire wet-lab experience. The teacher should be available to assist students by demonstrating proper use of equipment, providing encouragement and relating pre-lab activities with the wet-lab.
  • One class at a time completes a laboratory aboard Destiny or Discovery, the mobile science laboratories. Students become immersed in the 90-minute experiment while learning key science concepts.
  • School administrators, school board members and members of the local press may come aboard the laboratories during class time to obtain a glimpse of students actively doing science.
  • Upon finishing the wet-lab, students will have experienced the excitement of being a scientist and will realize that a science career is attainable.

After a DREAMS School Visit

  • The teacher is expected to conduct post-lab activities with students.
  • The teacher will receive links via email to two Zoomerang surveys that must be completed following the visit:
    1. Lab Data Collection
    2. Teacher Evaluation Form
    Please complete these online surveys within one week of your visit!