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Resources for Students

Web sites
Staffed by the American Institute of Biological Sciences, this site aims to promote bioscience literacy. A number of the articles were written by students.

American Museum of Natural History: Genetics
At this interactive site, students can zoom inside cells for a look at chromosomes, DNA, and genes; solve genetic puzzles; and join a scientist in a quest to stop smuggling of illegal goods. For younger students.

Biotechnology for Beginners
This section of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center site is aimed at those new to biotechnology. It includes a guide to biotechnology, glossary, timeline, examples of applications of biotechnology, and links to numerous online resources.

DNA Interactive
High school students can explore the history of how scientists discovered DNA and how it works. With 3D animations, interviews, and interactive components, this site offers a complete overview of the function and applications of DNA.

Embryonic Stem Cells
This 5-minute animated tutorial explains the source and potential applications of embryonic stem cells. For advanced students.

Engineer a Crop
Use traditional selective breeding to make your corn bigger, and then genetically modify a tomato. The required flash and shockwave plug-ins can be downloaded from the site.

Explore More: Genetic Engineering
The Iowa Public Television site provides highly readable information about genetic engineering, including its uses, controversial issues, different viewpoints, links to brief special interest stories related to genetic engineering, and animations illustrating how recombinant DNA technology is used to produce human insulin from bacteria. Students can meet career professionals through links to video profiles.

From Stem Cell to Any Cell
This illustrated article explains stem cells at a level appropriate for ages 9-14. Included is a worksheet with questions related to science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics.

Genetically Engineered Organisms Public Issues Education Project
Developed at Cornell University, this site aims to provide objective information about the scientific, social, and ethical issues surrounding genetic engineering, with a focus on controversial genetic modifications, genetically engineered foods on the U.S. market, risks and benefits, and regulation. For advanced students.

National Institutes of Health Resource for Stem Cell Research
This NIH site includes Frequently Asked Questions about stem cells, information on policy in the United States related to stem cell research, links to citations and abstracts of scientific articles, and an extensive annotated list of other online resources. For advanced students.

North Carolina's Bioscience Clearinghouse
This site lists internships, camps, workshops, and other educational opportunities for students in North Carolina.

Should we grow GM crops?
As you read the article, "Should we grow GM crops?" you will be asked your opinion seven times. After each time you answer, you will be presented with a new counterargument meant to challenge your position. Before answering the question for the final time, you will be shown all twelve arguments for and against.

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