Teacher Resources

DragonflyTV's Nano
The focus DragonflyTV’s seventh season was nanoscience. This site provides a description of the show’s goals, summarizes each episode and has downloadable "Educator’s Guides" with activities and lesson plans for use in classrooms, after school programs and at home. There is information about the Virtual Lung Project and an interview with Dr. Superfine (both part of MPSC’s "Zoom In!"). These activities are best suited for middle school students.

Plan how you will participate in the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network's NanoDays! This website has information about what nanoscience and nanotechnology are and how they are relevant today. Use other parts of this Web site to find hands-on and web activities related to nanoscale science.

NanoScale Science Education
This Web site provides resources and lesson plans about nanotechnology. Information about current research and activities in North Carolina related to nanoscience is included.

Microscopy Activity Guidebook for Teachers
The microscopy activities on this website were prepared by educators and researchers. Most activities have a page for teachers and one for students, as well as activity extensions. This site also provides a timeline of optics and on-line tools. The activities are geared toward middle and high school students.

About Cystic Fibrosis
Information about cystic fibrosis; treatments and current research are included in this portion of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Web site.

Learn more about the PROMPT telescopes and the UNC scientists working on the project.

Gamma Rays
Find out more about gamma rays and how this type of light travels. Explore the entire electromagnetic spectrum by going to the homepage of this site. There is also information about how light travels and the nature of waves.