Student Resources

DragonflyTV's "Nanophere"
On this Web site from DragonflyTV, discover what “nano” is and why it matters. Then, create iridescent art, maneuver nanobots (and design an obstacle course for someone else) and learn what scientists are studying.

This site was created as a school project. It discusses the types and uses of microscopes.

Explore outer space and the human body with this fun-filled Web site! In addition to astronomy and genetics, this site has information and activities (like making flip-books and a cookie model of our solar system) about biodiversity, Einstein, paleontology and more! Students can ask real scientists questions and read answers to other students’ questions.

Powers of Ten
Use this Web site to learn about scientific notation and to "jump" by powers of 10.

Voyage of the Nano-Surgeons
Surgeons are attempting to create vessels that can go into individual cells and fix them! Learn more about this research funded by NASA by reading or listening to the article.

Spotlight on an Exploding Star
Read this article about an exciting explosion in space that astronomers are studying. This article has a lot of interesting information about gamma ray bursts.