N.C. Standard Course of Study Correlations

"Zoom In" is most appropriate for students in grades 3–8 but offers something for a wide range of visitor ages and abilities. The exhibit can address several objectives of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for many grade levels and subjects. With advanced notification, the exhibit visit can be tailored to address these goals:

Grade 3

  • Objective 3.01 - Observe that light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object and is reflected and/or absorbed.
  • Objective 3.04 - Use appropriate tools to make observations (of the Moon).

Grade 6

  • Objective 2.01 - Explore evidence that "technology" has many definitions.
  • Objective 6.05 - Analyze the physical interactions of light and matter.

Grade 7

  • Objective 2.01 - Explore evidence that "technology" has many definitions.
  • Objective 4.03 - Explain how the structure of an organ is adapted to perform specific functions within one or more systems.
  • Objective 5.05 - Summarize the genetic transmittance of disease.

Grades 9–12, Earth and Environmental Science

  • Objective 6.03 - Examine the sources of stellar energies.
  • Objective 6.05 - Evaluate astronomers' use of various technologies to extend their senses: optical telescopes, cameras, radio telescopes, spectroscope.

Grades 9–12, Physics

  • Objective 3.04 - Analyze the transfer of energy by waves.