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What to Expect from Your PLANETS Visit

Prior to the PLANETS Visit

The visit contact/lead classroom teacher must:

  • Email the completed "Visit Request Form" to and communicate with the Morehead educator via email to schedule the program times for the planetarium visit.
  • Ensure that a quiet, indoor space with two grounded 120-volt electrical outlets will be available to set up the PLANETS dome. Ceiling height must be at least 13 feet with room dimensions no smaller than 30-by-30 feet.
  • Make copies of the "PLANETS Permission Form." (You will receive this form after your visit has been scheduled.)
  • Distribute the "PLANETS Permission Form" to each student for the parent/guardian to sign. Children are required to have parental permission to participate in the PLANETS program.
  • Collect the signed "PLANETS Permission Form" from each student. Check that the forms are complete and, if necessary, sign the forms as the "Witness."
  • Make sure that all teachers bringing students into the planetarium will not exceed the dome's capacity for number of students per show.
  • Notify site or school administrators about the PLANETS visit. Feel free to contact local media outlets about the visit, too.
  • Submit check for payment to Morehead Planetarium. Payment is due 10 days before the visit takes place.

On the Day of the Visit

  • The PLANETS educator and portable dome arrive at the school 90 minutes before the first scheduled show. Please assign one or two adults to help unload the dome and equipment cases from the PLANETS van. The cases are heavy.
  • The classroom teacher (or other adult) MUST accompany the children inside the dome for the duration of the presentation. This adult is also expected to assist the Morehead educator in bringing the children into the dome (three at a time) until all are inside and seated.
  • The Morehead educator will introduce the program and will answer questions after the show.

After the PLANETS Visit

  • Classroom teachers may choose to conduct the cross-curriculum class activities provided in the program's accompanying curriculum packet. (This may also be done before the visit.)
  • You will be sent an invoice for the cost of the PLANETS visit. Please be sure that payment is submitted promptly.