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PLANETS Visit Requirements

To ensure the best PLANETS experience, sites should ensure these requirements are fulfilled:

Dome arrival, unloading and loading:
The van arrives 90 minutes prior to the first presentation of the day. Sites must provide one or two adults to help unload and reload the dome and equipment cases from the PLANETS van to the presentation site — the cases are heavy. Please plan to provide assistance to reload the van with equipment 45 minutes after the last show ends.

The dome must be set up indoors, in a quiet location, so the presenter can be heard. If the dome is sharing a space in a gym with P.E. classes or loud recreational activities, please request that these classes engage in outdoor activities for the day of the visit. In the summer months, it is preferable that the space is air conditioned to keep the dome at a more comfortable temperature. It is ideal to set up in a room where lighting can be turned off or dimmed during presentations.

Dome dimensions and room requirements:
The portable planetarium must be set up in a room that has a minimum ceiling height of 13 feet (no beams or other obstructions). The room must be at least 30 feet long and 30 feet wide.

Please sweep the floor before the PLANETS Portable Planetarium arrives. Audience members sit on stadium cushions on the floor during the presentation.

Electrical requirements:
Two grounded 120-volt standard electrical outlets are required to power the portable planetarium. The Morehead educator may need to run extension cords across the floor to a grounded electrical outlet.