Helpful Curriculum Materials

Include DNA Fingerprinting in your lesson plans with these ideas from DESTINY's Get a Clue curriculum module.

Wet-Lab Preparation (pdf file)
Download this illustrated guide to setting up a gel electrophoresis wet-lab for your students. This 11-page document shows how to make the agarose gels and prepare the DNA samples for your students' work stations. It also provides data/observation and analysis worksheets that you can photocopy for your students or student groups, an answer key and detailed lists of the consumables and equipment needed.

Crime Scenes and Other DNA Mysteries
Download these pages from Get a Clue to create engaging stories around DNA Fingerprinting wet-labs.

The Case of the Tempting Tiara (pdf file)
Who stole the homecoming queen's crown right before the season's most important football game?! Chief Detective X. Hammond and his colleagues examine all the clues left at Destiny High School. This hand-out includes a script for your students to follow as they play the roles of investigators, suspects and other characters.

The Ima Mystery Case (pdf file)
Forensic anthropologists work to discover the identity of remains found in an unmarked grave. Is this the famous Ima Mystery, or is this an imposter? A worksheet enables students to practice matching DNA samples. An answer key is also provided.

Integrating Forensics, Civics and World Literature (pdf file)
This activity based on the Russian novel The Brothers Karamazov shows how world literature can be used to teach genetics and meet goals in the Biology standard course of study.

Literary Crime Scenes (pdf file) This hand-out provides descriptions of novels and stories - by authors from Sophocles to Shakespeare to Harper Lee - containing crime scenes that can be investigated through DNA Fingerprinting and our current knowledge of genetics.

Additional Guides
Mock Trial (pdf file)
This hand-out provides information and activities for conducting a trial using DNA and other evidence gathered during a role-play activity or online research.

DNA Restriction Enzyme and Probe Worksheet (pdf file)
This paper-and-pencil activity enables students to use a restriction enzyme to "cut" a strand of DNA.