Carolina Skies

Although "Carolina Skies" is one of the oldest shows at Morehead, it's never the same twice! This show lets Planetarium visitors explore the heavens as they will appear each night above North Carolina.

Viewers learn how to identify the planets and stars currently making up the night sky and how to find the cardinal directions using celestial signposts. Viewers are also taken on a guided tour of the constellations and the ancient myths that string together their component stars.

More than this, however, "Carolina Skies" is a show of the audience's own making. Because each presentation is manually controlled by one of Morehead Planetarium and Science Center's trained star projector pilots, the flow of the presentation can be determined by questions fielded from the audience.

Featuring a live presenter and using the fulldome projection system to its fullest, this show is a traditional planetarium star show. Shows similar to "Carolina Skies" have been a staple of Morehead programming since its founding in 1949.

Age recommendation

"Carolina Skies" can be an excellent introduction to the night sky for beginners or can be a deeper exploration for the more experienced sky-watcher. It is among the best choices for adults attending a planetarium show. "Carolina Skies" is recommended for children 8 and up. This show is not recommended for small children.

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